7 Different Ways You Can Consume Cannabis


If you’re just about to try taking cannabis, you may find the whole process daunting, given the dizzying array of methods available for consuming cannabis. You have to see which best works for you or what will give you the best high.

You will discover that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this – you will probably have to try different forms and methods to see which will suit you best.

To help you out, here’s a helpful list of the different ways to consume cannabis, whether you’re a beginner testing out the cannabis culture or a seasoned user looking to try out something different when it comes to cannabis consumption. This will make it easier to know which cannabis products to get among the many options available.

Finding The Best Way To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis can be consumed in several ways: via inhalation, edibles, sublingual, tinctures, topicals, patches, or suppositories. These methods are further divided into different cannabis products that aim to give you the best way of consuming marijuana according to your needs and preferences.

Consuming Cannabis Via Inhalation

You can never go wrong with inhaling Mary Janes, which is a time-tested method of marijuana use. These are the different inhalation methods you can choose from:


Also referred to as water pipes, bongs are usually made of glass and designed to hit your lungs with cooled smoke. Bongs are equipped with water chambers, which lower the temperature of the smoke before it reaches your mouth. Because of this, using a water pipe gives your throat a smooth and buttery hit with none or less of that scorched sensation.


Bubbles are similar to bongs, with the main difference being their size and portability. These water pipes are much easier to carry and come in intricate shapes. Bubbles are also made of glass, so they tend to be delicate. You can consider bongs as a compromise between bongs and glass pipes.

Joints and Blunts

A joint is probably the most traditional way of smoking pot. Combustible products such as dried bud, tobacco, hash, and kief are rolled between papers. These are then sealed to be lit like a cigarette.

Blunts work similarly, only they are larger compared to joints. Because of the size, blunts require several rolling papers or specialty rolling papers to make them more sturdy and hold the product better.

Thai Sticks

Considered an ancient method of smoking marijuana, Thai sticks are blunt, but these are much more potent than the usual ones. Here you smoke-cured marijuana buds wrapped in marijuana fan leaves, which are then drenched with hash oil. It takes a month or more to complete the curing process of these buds, which is said to increase their potency and terpene profile.

Moon Rocks

The name alone already gives you how high you can get from this cannabis consumption method. Moon rocks are made of dried marijuana flowers sprayed or dipped with cannabis oil and then coated with kief.

This makes the buds extremely concentrated, and a little goes a long way when you use it for your joints, bongs, and pipes.


This method of marijuana consumption comes with certain dangers if not done correctly. Dabs are made via an extraction process that involves using solvents like butane. The flammable nature of solvents makes it dangerous, along with the resulting oil, in which high levels of chemical contamination can be found.

This is why dabs must be done the right way to enjoy it safely and effectively.


Pipes, along with bowls, are some of the most common methods of marijuana use. There are different formats for pipes, including wood, glass, ceramic, and metal. Pipes and bowls are packed with dried marijuana, and other smoking products such as tobacco and hash and then these are ignited to produce smoke that you can inhale.


Vaporizers are among the healthier options for smoking marijuana in terms of lung health. When you use a vaporizer or vape pen, you will inhale vapor instead of smoke, containing many carcinogens. Vaporizers operate by heating cannabinoid extract or dried marijuana before combustion, releasing the cannabinoids. By not burning the plant material, you will get to inhale only the cannabinoids.

Consuming Cannabis Via Edibles

To avoid inhaling potentially carcinogenic smoke, consuming edible cannabis products might be the best option.

Weed Snacks

It’s not just the classic pot brownies. But there are also candies, lollipops, and gummy bears commonly found in legal dispensaries and those coffee shops in the Netherlands. You can even get sugar-free versions of the snacks, which should come in very handy if you have a health condition such as diabetes.


These are carried by some grocery stores, especially in countries and states where marijuana is legal. You can find them as specialty drink cases in stores such as Whole Foods, and some bars are even offering THC-infused cocktails on their menus.


If smoking or eating/drinking weed is not your thing, but you still want to consume marijuana, then why not just pop a pill or capsule to get your high? Cannabis in pill and capsule form can contain single or full-spectrum cannabinoid oil, decarboxylated flower, or compacted powder, just like Tylenol’s. The effects can be immediate or time-released.

Consuming Cannabis Via Sublingual

These are cannabis-laced products that you place under your tongue and allow to dissolve. The effects are faster than in edibles since the absorption into the bloodstream happens in the mouth and not the digestive system. This method also prevents delta-9 THC from being transformed in the digestive system into 11-hydroxy THC, it’s more potent form.

Dissolvable Strips

THC strips are designed to dissolve quickly when it encounters moisture, making the area under your tongue the perfect place to consume it. The trim strips are so discreet that it may not look obvious that you are consuming cannabis – it’s just like putting a breath-freshening strip into your mouth.

Consuming Cannabis Via Tinctures

A marijuana tincture uses cannabis extracted using alcohol as a solvent and a final product. This is usually applied with a spray or eye-dropper. You can add a few drops of these tinctures to food and drinks or even take them sublingually. With tinctures, you can achieve precise dosing easier, given their use.

Consuming Cannabis Via Topicals

Cannabis topicals include CBD and THC oil, directly applied to the skin. Reported benefits of using topicals include relief from muscle pain or soreness, arthritis, swelling, and inflammation. These topicals are also said to address skin irritations such as eczema.

These cannabis products are site-specific, which means that they will work best when applied directly to the affected area of the body. It should be noted that using topicals will not get you high, even though some of these products contain psychoactive cannabinoids.


Creams that contain cannabis are just like body moisturizers – you just spread them all over for your skin to absorb.


Marijuana lube is designed to relax the vaginal muscles and make sex a less painful experience for women who tend to dry down there. Weed lubes, also called, come in CBD or THC extracts, although there are varieties that combine the two.

Consuming Cannabis Via Patches

Patches are not technically topicals, even though they are directly applied to the skin. They are actually under the transdermal category, and unlike topical cannabis products, patches can have psychoactive effects. These make them ideal for use in discreet medicating for longer terms.

These transdermal patches are designed to release cannabinoids into the bloodstream for an extended period. You can feel the effects for around 8 to 12 hours. Also, you don’t have to apply patches on a specific body area to affect.

Consuming Cannabis Via Suppositories

These suppositories can be used as an alternative to weed lube. When administered via your rectum, it can give you high amounts of cannabinoids without making you extremely high. These cannabis suppositories also help provide relief for muscle pain and menstrual cramps.

How To Consume Cannabis Safely in Any Form

When consuming any other drug, it’s crucial to use cannabis safely and responsibly. Although death via marijuana use is exceedingly rare, you would still want to err on the side of safety and maximize your cannabis consumption experience. Here are some safety tips when it comes to consuming cannabis safely.

Don’t Hold The Smoke.

Many marijuana smokers subscribe to this urban myth: The longer you hold the inhale, the more psychoactive goodness will penetrate your lungs. The longer you hold the smoke, the better the high will be.

This is false since THC gets absorbed by the body almost immediately, which means that there’s no extra benefit in holding your breath or inhaling smoke longer. Doing so when you smoke marijuana can also make you lightheaded and your body unsteady.

If you want to get more high, you smoke more weed. That’s it.

Avoid Passing Joints or Sharing Mouthpieces

Remember that diseases such as herpes can be passed from mouth to mouth, and you can’t be too sure even if there are no breakouts visible. The safest thing to do is roll your joints or bring your mouthpiece whenever you plan to smoke marijuana with friends, especially with strangers.

Use The Right Rolling Papers

The health department approves rolling papers to keep users from consuming unnecessary toxic materials while smoking weed. Using only rolling papers approved for safe use will ensure that you avoid papers incorporated with dangerous ingredients.

Use Glass Pipes

Glass is the safest form of weed pipe since the material is not porous. It will also deliver the best flavor and not retain lingering scents from the previous use. Avoid plastic pipes as much as possible since the material can leach Polystyrene and BPA when heated. 

Keep Your Accessories Clean

You don’t want to take in viruses and bacteria that can live on surfaces for a long time. Practice good hygiene with your weed accessories and ensure that your pipes, bongs, and grinders regularly get a thorough scrubbing.

Buy Your Cannabis Products And Accessories only From Certified Dispensaries.

Not only is it legal and safer to buy your stuff from certified dispensaries, but you will also get the best products at the best prices possible. Whether you are buying or using cannabis for leisurely use or medicinal marijuana, you are better off buying your supplies somewhere certified. You don’t want products with residual solvents and other ingredients that can harm your body.

There is a cannabis consumption method that is perfect for you, whether you are looking to consume for leisure or medicinal purposes. With more quality dispensaries available for your purchasing pleasure, you will surely get the best products for your cannabis consumption needs.

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