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Best CBD Pre Rolls


If you want a more convenient way to consume cannabis and do away with the process of selecting the right dosage and administration, then smoking CBD rolls is just the right way to go. There’s no need to roll your own joints – all you need to do is light up, relax, and enjoy your high-quality weed.

Given the variety of CBD pre-rolls available in the market now, it can get quite daunting to choose the ones worth smoking. This means trying and testing different pre-rolls to find the one you like best, but it’s all part of the fun.

What Are CBD Pre Rolls?

First, you have to know exactly what these pre-rolls are to know if this is the right way of consuming cannabis for you. These are premade joints rolled with CBD buds instead of marijuana. Compared to marijuana, hemp naturally contains cannabidiol and generally has low THC levels.

A standard pre-roll has the following components: cannabis, rolling paper, and a small filter for your mouth. Some pre-rolls are infused with other cannabis products for a stronger potency.

Purchasing a pre-roll doesn’t require other equipment, except for a lighter. There are no additional preparations needed as well. You don’t have to deal with bongs, bowls, and vapes when smoking a pre-roll – you simply light one like a cigarette, inhale deeply and let the effects come in.

CBD pre-rolls are perfect for hemp-loving individuals who don’t want to be bothered rolling their joints. These are also ideal for people who are after ready-made top-shelf hemp that contains the best taste and aroma.

It’s essential to distinguish CBD pre-rolls from CBD cigarettes since many mistake one for the other or think they are the same. CBD cigarettes function more as a tobacco alternative and have even lower levels of CBD content.

What Are CBD Rolls Used For?

Since CBD rolls are designed for smoking and inhalation, these joints provide one of the most effective ways of consuming full-spectrum CBD. CBD rolls are also great for those looking into an alternative to tobacco smoking and even marijuana. Some just straight-up enjoy the process of smoking hemp joints.

Some smokers open up their pre-rolls and transfer the buds to a weed vaporizer, which is a suitable method for those who prefer to vape their weed.

What’s Inside a CBD Pre Roll?

If you want a strong hit of CBD, you will naturally look for pre-rolls that have high-quality hemp buds. It helps to educate yourself on the hemp strains with the highest CBD levels. You want to avoid buying joints that contain low-grade industrial hemp that will most likely taste harsh and awful.

Remember that the best CBD pre-rolls are made with only finely ground, high-grade hemp buds rolled perfectly by a rolling expert or even a machine.

One sure way to verify the quality of CBD joints is to look at its lab testing results. Most reputable manufacturers place the test results on their websites, making establishing trust with their customers easier. The test results usually show the cannabinoid and terpene content. You can also look into the growing process of the manufacturer’s weed products.

Types of Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls are identified mainly by strains. These are the following:


This type of strain is known for its grounding and calming qualities. Smoking Indica strains can make you feel sleepy or so relaxed you don’t want to do anything. This is ideal for those who want to avoid the jitters and paranoia of some strain types. Pre-rolls of this type with a significant percentage of CBD may help ease body pain. This is also great for people suffering from stress and insomnia.


This type of strain has the opposite effect of indica. It gives one a serotonin boost, ideal for those who want added creativity and motivation. Smoking sativa can help give one an energy boost instead of the relaxing effects of Indica. However, some users may experience paranoia and panic with Sativa strains.


This strain is somewhere in the middle of the first two strains. Each hybrid pre-roll will contain a varied mixture of Indica and Sativa qualities, so it’s a case of trial and error in finding the best hybrid strain for your needs.

Pros And Cons Of CBD Pre Rolls

While it’s true that pre-rolled joints are trendy among cannabis consumers because of the convenience and pricing, there are still potential drawbacks that you should be aware of. This will help you greatly determine if pre-rolls are perfect for you or if another method of consuming cannabis is better for you.

Pros of CBD Rolls

The main advantages of pre-rolled joints are the ease of use, availability of strains, knowing precisely what you will get with a product, and affordability.

CBD Pre Rolls Are Disposable And Easy To Use

Those who can’t be bothered to roll their joints will love the convenience provided by pre-rolled blunts. Storing is not a problem either since pre-rolls are disposable. They are also discreet to use since, from afar, they can be confused for a regular cigar. Some pre-rolls even come with packing that can mask the distinct smell of weed.

CBD Pre Rolls Are Consistent And Cost-Effective

These pre-rolls are known for being consistent in terms of quality, something that is not always guaranteed in hand-rolled versions. Buying a pre-roll at a reputable dispensary means knowing precisely how much weed you are getting in, how soon you can reach that “high” feeling, and how long you will feel the sensation.

Because an experienced budtender can give you advice on how much it would cost to get the effect you want, you will save money, which is always a good thing.

You Can Easily Try Different Strains

If you’re the sort who wants to experiment with different kinds of CBD strains, then you can easily do so with pre-rolled joints. Since there are dozens of Indica and Sativa varieties waiting to be discovered by your taste buds, this will surely become a big factor for trying CBD pre-rolls.

You Know Exactly What You Are Getting

CBD pre-rolls contain trims, a base made of a mixture of buds and leaves derived directly from the cannabis plant itself. Trims can contain either cannabis flowers or popcorn buds (A-grade or B-grade).

Trims may also contain waxes or resins mixed with the main ingredient and various strains. The experienced budtenders at your favorite dispensary can always help you know what’s in those pre-roll trims.

Cons Of CBD Pre Rolls

Uneven Burn Rate

This is the only thing to be concerned about regarding smoking pre-rolls. The solution here is to smoke a high-quality blunt, which gives a more even burn than low-quality ones. Also, there are other things you can do to work around uneven burning. Some swear by rotating their joints while smoking, and some advice using different rolling papers to get an even burn.

Tips On Choosing The Right CBD Pre Rolls

Not all CBD pre-rolls are made equal, so you need to know how to procure the best ones in the market. Here’s how to narrow down your choices.

Get Recommendations

Talking to other CBD lovers is key, especially those who smoke CBD pre-rolls. First-hand accounts of their experience with CBD hemp pre-rolls will give you an honest idea about specific products. While you are at it, ask them where they buy their stuff and let them help you connect to replicable suppliers. You will also learn which dispensaries or suppliers to avoid.

Check The Online Reputation Of Suppliers

While you can rely on most personal recommendations, getting more feedback from other people wouldn’t hurt by checking on a supplier’s online reputation. If you don’t trust the reviews on store websites, you can check forums and other platforms where people give unbiased, independent feedback about cannabis products.

Check For Lab Testings

Accept nothing less than lab-tested products when buying CBD pre-rolls if you want to ensure you get only the best CBD pre-rolls in the market. It’s not just about getting the best taste and aroma. And it’s also about buying the safest products for consumption. A reputable store or dispensary will usually supply third-party lab testing results for their cannabis products.

Look At The THC Concentration

THC is the toxic, psychoactive substance in cannabis that users avoid. One of the appeals of CBD is that it doesn’t have the effects of THC. This is why you need to check the THC concentration, whether it’s pre-rolls or not.

It depends on your tolerance – you may not have issues smoking a pre-rolled joint with tiny traces of THC or you want to do away with THC cannabis pre-roll altogether and smoke one with zero THC concentration.

Know Your Priorities

Like with other cannabis products, it’s best not to take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to pre-rolls. The best product will always be the one that works for you. So list down what you want in your pre-roll – do you want a lesser high and go with a low-THC product? Are you looking for a CBD-dominant strain that has medicinal benefits?

It could be as simple as budget concerns too. Newbies will most likely try the most affordable products first if they want to play it safe with spending money on cannabis. But if you’re a beginner who has the money to spare, you should try high-quality CBD joints and get your payment’s worth.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions.

While friends who are cannabis users can give great recommendations when it comes to buying pre-rolls, you should also consider consulting with an expert. Reputable dispensaries and online stores have budtenders to help customers get the best product for their cannabis needs and preferences.

How To Know If CBD Pre Rolls Are Worth It?

Keeping both the pros and cons in mind, practice an open mind when trying pre-rolled joints, along with other cannabis products. After experimenting with several products and methods, whether or not they are worth the purchase is something you will know.

Each user has their considerations for cannabis use – frequency of use, budget, the intended effect, and so on. You don’t have to limit yourself to using just CBD pre-rolled joints or hemp cigarettes only – you can use it along with other methods, such as edibles or tinctures.

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