Cannabis Quality 101 – How To Know If You’re Buying Good Quality Weed


If you want to make sure that you get only good quality marijuana, you have to look beyond THC levels and strain. Unless you have had different experiences with the plant and its various effects, it’s easy to forget that there’s more to weed than strain and THC content.

Arming yourself with the proper knowledge will make buying high-quality marijuana a less intimidating experience. But first, you must cover your bases and get acquainted with the common terms that you will come across when shopping for high-quality cannabis.

The term “flower” refers to the cured and fried blooms of the female cannabis. These are also called “buds” or “nugs.” Flowers are usually intoxicating, and the primary indicator of the potency of that euphoric feeling is the THC content. But some flowers contain high CBD content and therefore have less intoxicating effects.

The best smoking experiences and other ways to consume cannabis, such as edibles, tinctures, and CBD oil, will usually need the best source materials, which are referred to as top-shelf buds. You may also hear other terms such as “fire,” “loud,” and “dank” when discussing premium quality weed.

You should not feel bad if you can’t easily distinguish a high-quality flower just yet – even the best cannabis connoisseurs can get confused at times. But remember that there are common key traits to keep in mind when separating good weeds from bad ones.

What Should I Look For In Good Weed?

These traits include appearance, smell, feel, and flower structure. It would be best if you learned all these to become adequate in picking out good quality marijuana flowers and high-quality buds.


A cannabis flower that is cultivated and cured to only the best standards gives off a pleasant and pungent aroma. A cannabis flower emits a powerful fragrance that is usually referred to as a “loud” and “dank” odor, and it’s an indicator of overall quality.

Different terms are used to describe the aroma that a high-quality cannabis flower gives off – pine, diesel, skunk, etc. A flower’s pleasant and robust smell is pungent, distinct, and highly recognizable. The stronger the fragrance of the cannabis flower, the more potent the experience is most likely to turn out.


Some visual hints will indicate that you have a high-end cannabis flower. It’s just like looking at fresh and healthy produce. High-quality marijuana should look appealing, but you can quickly tell a top-shelf strain with the vibrant array of colors that it displays. They are usually deep green with red or flaming orange hairs. High-quality cannabis can also come in bright blue to deep purple.

You should also look out for the amount and viability of trichomes. Trichomes are tiny appendages that look like glimmering crystals and can be found on the plant’s surface. These create and contain the compounds that contribute to the flowers’ smell, flavor, and effects.

An excellent way to tell if a flower has good intoxicating and therapeutic potency is when you can see the frosty trichomes with your naked eye. You can use a magnifying glass to get a better look at the bug’s trichomes if your eyesight is not up to the task of seeing things up close to this level.


Touch or squeeze a flower between your fingers gently – if it feels sticky and a little bit spongy, you have a top-shelf variety in your hands. The bud should be easy to break apart, and the stems should snap, but it should not dry or crumble completely in your hands. The buds should not be too soft or wet to avoid the chances of containing or developing mold or mildew.

Flower Structure

Sativa-leaning flowers that are light and fluffy in shape and composition are a sign that they are cultivated and cured skillfully. Good quality indicas, on the other hand, tend to be denser and tighter. The structure can affect the taste of the flowers – those that are rock-hard could mean that plant growth regulators may have been used for cultivation, resulting in an unpleasant taste.

Meanwhile, highly fluffy flowers could signify that the plant was not cultivated to its full potential due to insufficient light intensity.

An excellent dispensary will have top-shelf flowers and potent buds in its merchandise, but keep in mind that good quality flowers come in many sizes and shapes and have a variety of nicknames.

Other Qualities Of High-Quality Weed

When tracking down the top-shelf weed in the cannabis industry, you should also look for other quality benchmarks or key indicators.

First, is cannabis cultivated ethically? Ethical cultivation involves avoiding synthetic fertilizers, using living soil, and using sustainable agriculture. If you are particular about this, you should look for organic products and producers, or those that are clean green certified, since these are indicators of having used regenerative agricultural practices.

If you want something that ticks all of these boxes, you should get your hands on sun-grown cannabis.

Second, does the company producing the flowers have an ethical reputation? Usually, the most ethical ones are family-owned businesses and small craft producers. It has become popular to look for producers owned by blacks, women, and minorities since some believe that, unlike large corporations, they focus more on the plants rather than yield and profits.

Lastly, how diverse are the cannabinoids? CBD products that have a diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile are regarded highly. Some consumers will ask for certificates before they buy the products. The certificates show the list of cannabinoids that a product has in addition to therapeutic terpenes and any possible contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.

What Are The Qualities Of A Bad Weed?

Knowing the qualities of a poor-quality flower will also help you avoid purchasing inferior cannabis products. Here’s what to watch out for:


You can tell that what you have comes from a bad cannabis batch when it emits a variety of quirky fragrances. These low-end buds also referred to as “bottom shelf” or “schwag,” have a mildewy or musty aroma, which is a sign that the cannabis is already aged or compromised.

Cannabis can usually last around a year when stored away from light and heat. After that, it will start to degrade fast and give off that unpleasant aroma that we are talking about here. It means that the cannabis is already in advanced age or mishandled, or poorly cured.


You can easily tell a low-quality flower from its appearance. It has lots of seeds and stems and discolored flowers. The discoloration can result from age, mold, pesticides, or chemicals. You don’t want to buy flowers like these, let alone smoke them.

Another sign is the presence of amber-colored trichomes. Good quality flowers have clear-colored trichomes, which can turn into an amber hue due to time, light, and heat. Steer clear of these flowers unless you want to be tricked into the previous year’s harvest.

Cannabis flowers that are dirt brown to lime green are a sad sight. It’s a sign that these good plants have unfortunately gone bad.


Low-quality cannabis flowers often feel dry and brittle – the buds will feel airy and light instead of the dense and sticky quality of food quality ones. The flowers will also crumble and fall apart easily in your hands. Flowers that are loose and undone are called “shake,” which you should avoid.

Flower Structure

A discerning eye can easily detect poor flower structure. You will notice inferior-looking flowers opposite of an aesthetically pleasing, properly cultivated flower. While the flower structure is not a sure indicator of its chemical composition, you can still bet that you may be dealing with improper growing or lighting conditions when looking at fluffy or airy nugs.

Other Indicators

A sky-high THC concentration doesn’t necessarily mean better-quality buds. If a product’s THC levels are above 20%, you should consider that as a red flag since this could indicate fraudulent lab results. Remember that labs may get financial incentives for producing higher THC values, and thus lab results may not be as accurate as they seem. So don’t rely on just THC levels.

What about the price? A low price may indicate that a product is already past its shelf life, although there are times that cannabis consumers can score a fresh, good-smelling flower without the exorbitant price tag. But generally, a high price is a good indicator that the product has undergone the best care and attention and is therefore considered a top-shelf flower.

How To Store Your Weed Correctly

Now that you have managed to spot and purchase good-quality cannabis, the next step is to store them correctly to ensure that your stash can last as long as possible. To keep your weed fresh and maintain its quality for a more extended period, you have to deal with light, temperature, humidity, and oxygen, affecting the taste, aroma, and potency of your cannabis.

Place Your Cannabis In The Right Container

Forget about plastic bags and containers since the material can affect the delicate trichomes due to static. This will mess with the potency of your stash. Please don’t settle for those funny little tin cans, too, since oxygen can penetrate them too much.

Using glass jars is the best way to store your cannabis. Go for those with airtight seals, like mason jars. Glass jars tend to keep your cannabis away from status charge and too much oxygen. You can also get containers from your favorite licensed dispensary – you might as well get some while you are replenishing your supply.

Store In a Cool And Dry Place

Keeping your jars away from sunlight is key in maintaining the freshness of your stash. You don’t want your cannabis vulnerable to moisture since this can lead to molding. It would be best if you did not store them somewhere too chilly, though, since doing so can dry the flowers and lose the trichomes. Keep your jars away from the refrigerator and the freezer.

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