Vaping VS Smoking: Comparing Different Ways To Consume Cannabis


Gone are the days when smoking a joint was the only way to consume cannabis. There are many ways to do so, which means more choices for weed consumers regarding cannabis products. One of the most popular ways of taking weed right now is via vaping, which involves the process of vaporizing cannabis by heating weed or hemp flowers at temperatures below the combustion point.

Vaping marijuana uses vaporizers that produce a stream of vapor that you can inhale through a bag or mouthpiece. It’s certainly a convenient way of smoking weed, especially now that there are many vape options on the market. But the question is: Is vaping better than smoking a joint?

This is very subjective since what’s better for one cannabis consumer may not be the case for another. Also, the two methods are very different, with each having its pros and cons. The best one for you will depend on what you want from your weed experience.

Vaping VS Smoking: Which is Healthier?

There is concern about the tar and other harmful byproducts produced by smoking weed (or smoking anything, actually), thus the comparison between vaping and smoking in terms of which one is healthier. See, smoking relies mainly on combustion, whether it’s via a joint, pipe, bubbler, or bong.

Meanwhile, some studies claim that vaporizing cannabis is considered healthier, although there are also concerns about the safety of the devices, especially those cheap ones manufactured in, say, China. This is why it’s always better to use only high-quality devices sold by reputable brands and trusted stores.

The better vapes are designed so that vapor only goes through materials like steel, ceramic stainless, and quarts, which are generally considered safer than rubber, plastics, and glue.

The thing is, it’s yet to be established that one is healthier than the other and what could be better for you will still boil down to your preferences.

Pros of Vaping Cannabis

Health concerns aside, there are various reasons why many weed smokers are going for vaping nowadays. Vaping marijuana allows you more control over temperature, and you get more distinct tastes between strains. Using vapes is also generally more discreet and convenient.

Flavor Is More Pronounced

You get a more pronounced flavor when you consume weed via vaping than smoking. You get to taste each strain’s cannabinoid profiles and individual terpenes better. Smoking a joint can take away the taste and subtle nuances between weed strains. But remember that the flavor will diminish significantly towards the end of your cannabis session if you are vaping weed.

More Temperature Control

Most vaporizers are equipped with adjustable heat settings that allow you to control the temperature whenever you are vaping weed. You have to go through trial and error to get the process right. Still, once you master the range of effects and find the best temperature for vaping marijuana, you will be rewarded with a more enjoyable cannabis experience, from mellows to euphoric highs.

More Efficiency

Using vape for your marijuana session allows you to extract the cannabinoids slowly and effectively from your dry herb. You can get multiple weed sessions from a single pack, which is more bang for the buck.

You can also create tea, edibles, or even emergency vape or smoke using ABV or vaped bud. This is something you can’t do with smoking joints because combusted weed turns into ash and therefore can’t be used for anything else.

More Appealing To The Health Conscious

Whether or not you think that vaping is healthier than smoking, you can satisfy your preferences by opting for dry herbs to use with vapes. At the very least, you don’t have to deal with open flames when you are vaping cannabis.

No Matches or Lighting Needed

Speaking of not dealing with open flames, you don’t have to fuss with lighters and matches when you are consuming vaporized cannabis. You can avoid those situations where you can’t smoke marijuana because you forgot your lighter or matches.

It’s More Discreet To Use

Vaping marijuana doesn’t produce as much odor as smoking marijuana, especially at lower temperatures. You also deal with less smoke smell, which is convenient if you prefer to get high on the down-low.

Cons of Vaping Cannabis

A drawback (if you do consider it) of using vapes for your marijuana is that you first need to learn how to use your device. You also need to keep it clean and be mindful of its charging. You also need to invest in a vaporizer and grinder initially.

Also, some who are used to smoking joints claim that there is a difference between the effects of cannabis via vaping as opposed to smoking.

You Need To Use A Grinder

It would be best to have a medium for fine grinding, or else your vaporizer won’t function properly. You have to buy a good grinder, especially if the portable vape functions on conduction heating. Grinding weed increases surface area and makes better extraction of all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.

There Is A Learning Curve

Vaping cannabis requires a significant learning curve. You need to learn how to vape it properly, get just the right grind and pack, play with the settings, and inhale properly from your device.

It Requires Maintenance

You have to make sure that your vaporizer is always clean and in great shape to get the best weed experience. You have to clean your vape after every few sessions.

There Is A Difference In Effect

There are marijuana users who claim a difference in the effects of vaping – that the hit is heavier via smoking gram for gram compared to the “cleaner” high that one gets from vaporized cannabis.

It Can Be Expensive

A good-quality vaping device is an investment, so you have to spend a bit initially if you want to make the switch. You will save more money in the long run, though, since it’s more efficient to vaporize weed instead of just smoking outright.

Pros of Smoking Cannabis

Smoking is generally preferred by marijuana users who want a more intense overall effect from their cannabis sessions. Since you just some the joint directly or via a glass piece, there’s not much initial investment.

You also have to consider the addictiveness of the whole smoking ritual experience – people enjoy the process of rolling up joints or packing their favorite glass pieces.

Smoking is relatively low maintenance since you need to roll up a joint, place it in your pocket, and be ready to go.

The Effect Is More Intense

Smoking the dry herb directly makes for a more intense and euphoric experience, as claimed by die-hard marijuana smokers. The cannabinoids are immediately released when subjected to extreme temperatures of the lighter or match, which produces a more sedative effect.

No Investment And Learning Curve Needed

Unless you plan to buy a fancy glass piece, you don’t have to spend much if you prefer smoking your weed. Rolling papers, even the good ones, are generally affordable. Also, smoking is a more straightforward process – you light up your joint or bowl, and smoking itself doesn’t require much practice.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance involved in keeping pipes and bowls clean is easier than the one involved in vaporizers. Joints require you to roll them, which is as simple as possible.

Cons of Smoking Cannabis

Health risks seem to be the primary concern for smoking anything, not just weed. Smoking also means less control over the effects of the weed, and you also have to deal with the stronger smell that comes with the practice.

You may also notice that smoking doesn’t let you experience the subtle nuances between strains compared to vaping weed.

It’s Still Smoke

It may not be tobacco, but weed smoke is still smoke. Some argue that tobacco smoke is more dangerous than cannabis smoke, but since both involve combustion, you have to be aware of the risks of harmful byproducts produced when plant matter is combusted.

Less Control and Stronger Odor

Vaping has the edge here since your device is capable of controlling temperature. When you smoke, you can’t do anything about the effects. The most you can do is to take smaller puffs, roll your joint a little tighter, or smoke a strain with less THC, but that’s it.

You also have to deal with the burnt smell associated with smoking marijuana, which is something that vaping doesn’t have since vapor has less odor and dissipates quickly.

It Can Be Less Efficient

You tend to go through your stash quicker when you take your cannabis via smoking. The weed is gone once you light up your joint or smoke your bowl. Vaping cooks the herb much slower, which allows you to extract every drop of THC on it.

There Is Less Flavor

It’s harder to discern strains when you smoke your cannabis. Vaping allows you just the opposite – you will be able to distinguish the distinct flavor profiles of each strain.

How To Prepare And Vape Weed Properly

If you choose an alternative to smoking weed and try vaping cannabis, you have to learn how to do it properly. First, you have to get acquainted with how your vape works and the different parts involved in your device.

Infrequent cannabis users or beginners may find pre-packaged kits a better option, while the more experienced users will have more fun mixing and matching the parts of their vaping devices.

The standard vape device has a power source (low, medium, or high) and the vapor source (also called the atomizer), pre-filled, refillable, refillable with replaceable coils, or rebuildable.

When it comes to vaping cannabis, always remember that cannabis concentrates have their style of vaporizers designed to handle herbs and thick waxes.

You can’t use a vape made for vape juices for smoking cannabis products unless said vape is designed for multi-use.

You also have to get the other accessories that come with the whole thing – dry herbs, grinder, and cleaning tools.

Packing Your Herb

Make sure that your vaporizer is off before packing it with herbs. You don’t want to lose precious vapor or burn your fingers, which can happen if your vaporizer is on while you pack. You also have to make sure that herbs are of fine or medium grind, which is a requirement for most vaporizers.

Using a weed scooper or a small business card, put dry herb into the oven or herb chamber of your vaporizer. With the help of your fingers or a tool, pack the herb and see to it that the surface is relatively flat.

It would be best if you did not pack it too tight, though, since you still need air to pass through. Afterwards, turn your device on and choose your preferred temperature.

Inhaling Weed From Your Vape

You should also know how to inhale weed properly from your vape, which may take some getting used to if you have never done so before. It can induce coughing at first since the feel of the vapor will be different in your lungs compared to smoking.

Before taking your first puff, make sure that your vape is already at your desired temperature, taking around 30 seconds. Please take a few gentle puffs to prime your vaporizer and drag it onto the mouthpiece until your lungs are filled with vapor. Now exhale.

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